No Man's Sky hints at VR port in player survey

No Man's Sky VR Hello Games

The notorious space exploration sim No Man's Sky may be planning an intergalactic jump into virtual reality.

Developer Hello Games has been doing the rounds with a player feedback survey, asking what players want to see in future updates and patches. 

Alongside questions about how much you make use of certain aspects of gameplay, players can add their voice to calls for larger multiplayer lobbies (after multiplayer finally came to the game in 2018), improved underwater exploration, more planet variation, and more.

There's also one unassuming option for 'VR support'. 

As a first-person navigation sim, virtual reality seems like a natural direction for the game, allowing players to take in the wonder of No Man's Sky's colorful, procedural environments in true 360-degree immersion.

There's no word on what virtual reality platforms we could see No Man's Sky on down the line - and the enterprise seems very much in the 'market survey' stage - but given its primarily PC user base, we could well see Hello Games bring the game to the likes of HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, if not PSVR as well.

And beyond...

The initial launch of No Man's Sky was marred by incredible amounts of hype and resultant disappointment over the capabilities of this ambitious, procedurally-generated space exploration game.

Online features like multiplayer finally arrived in July 2018 in No Man's Sky NEXT update, which for some elevated the game to new heights, and for others simply provided players with the game they felt they were promised at launch.

VR ports are becoming an increasingly big business for franchises looking to extend the longevity of their games and IP - hence the likes of Fallout VR, Doom VFR, and most recently Borderlands 2 VR.

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