Nissan camper trailer uses recycled electric car batteries to fuel off-grid adventures

Nissan x OPUS
Image credit: Nissan Motor Co Ltd (Image credit: Nissan)

Nissan has created a concept camper trailer that uses second-life electric vehicle batteries to provide power when you're away from the grid.

The automaker teamed up with British camper manufacturer OPUS to create the trailer, which features a Nissan Energy ROAM power pack that uses lithium-ion cells recovered from defunct electric vehicles.

The power pack is weatherproof, and will provide up to seven days of juice with a little assistance from an extra solar panel.

Creature comforts

The power pack means you can enjoy the luxuries of home while miles away from civilization and you won't need to worry about your phone going flat in an emergency.

There's a 240v power outlet for regular appliances, plus USB outlets for smaller gadgets, LED lighting, a 4G wireless hotspot to keep you connected to the outside world, and a digital projector with a pull-up screen for movie nights. There's even a portable microwave, two-burner stove and fridge. No more waiting hours for beans to warm over a tiny camping stove.

The trailer is still a concept at the moment, so campers will need to wait a little longer before enjoying such luxuries, but it'll be on show at the Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show in Birmingham, UK, on February 19-24.

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