New iPhone 8 and iPhone 7S Plus images give us a clear look at the phones

There’s no shortage of iPhone 8 leaks, and most of them now broadly agree on what it looks like, but a new set of images fills in some gaps, with detailed dimensions and a look at the iPhone 7S Plus too.

Shared by Benjamin Geskin, the person responsible for many of the other iPhone 8 leaks, the images show a vertically aligned dual-lens camera on the iPhone 8, as has been heavily rumored, while the front appears to be all screen.

There’s no fingerprint scanner visible on either side suggesting, as we’ve heard many times before, that it’s built into the screen. Though interestingly the power button on the side looks quite large, so could also house it – though there’s been no suggestion that it will.

Dimensions are shown as 143.4 x 70.77 x 7.51mm, which is similar but not identical to what we’ve heard in another leak. If accurate that would make the iPhone 8 slightly bigger than the 138.3 x 67.1 x 7.1mm iPhone 7, but smaller than the iPhone 7 Plus, and with a likely bigger 5.8-inch screen packed in.

Bigger phone, smaller change

The image of the iPhone 7S Plus meanwhile is less detailed but appears to have a similar design to the iPhone 7 Plus, with a horizontal dual-lens camera. There are no details on the front, but Geskin notes that the “iPhone 8 front should be like my renders. 7S same as 7.” So we’d expect to see the usual home button below the screen.

Dimensions for the 7S Plus are apparently 158.38 x 78.1mm, which would make it marginally larger than the 158.2 x 77.9mm iPhone 7 Plus.

Geskin has said that mass production of the phones has started and that there will be three new models this year, so the basic iPhone 7S is presumably the one that’s not pictured.

As ever, we’d take these images and information with a pinch of salt, but other than the dimensions being slightly off they line up with what we’ve seen and heard before. What they don’t tell us is when we’ll see the new iPhones, but other leaks point to a September or October launch, so there are still a few months to go.

James Rogerson

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