New Android phone emoji include some ridiculously cute smiley blobs and turtles

Emoji Kitchen
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If you own an Android phone and don't already have the Emoji Kitchen installed, you're missing out. This feature of Gboard, the default keyboard that comes installed on Android phones, lets you mash up different emoji to create brilliant combination ones.

Emoji Kitchen is getting a great new update that brings even more new custom emoji, including some eye-wateringly-cute ones too. First teased by Emoji Kitchen designer Jennifer Daniel on Twitter, these include some lovely (or weird) new turtle emoji, and some adorable blob-based ones too.

The new Emoji Kitchen update is available to people who use the Gboard beta version - here's how to get in on that program if you want.

The best emoji ever

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We've had great fun testing out some of the adorable new emoji on offer.

The best we've discovered so far is a mash-up of the turtle and the mouse, creating a weird hybrid monster that would be terrifying if it wasn't presented in the cartoony emoji style.

There are plenty of great blob creations, which you can find by combining the wand emoji with another one. You can get some adorable ones of it clutching hearts, or looking peaceful under a rainbow, or even dressing up as an animal. Our favorite, though, is the blob gleefully throwing things like hedgehogs or cups of tea into the air.

If you want to be able to send custom emoji yourself, either to share the cuteness or just rub it in your iOS friends' faces how much they're missing out, you can follow this link to install the Gboard beta and then start creating your own emoji mash-ups.

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