Need a mobile for less than £100? These Honor deals at Amazon have got you covered

Honor deals
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If you've seen the mobile phone deals we've been shouting about recently on iPhones and Android devices reaching the heady heights of over £1,000, and thought 'who would pay that?', then these late-in-the-day Cyber Monday deals might be for you. 

Honor is a sub-brand of Huawei, and while many might now recoil at the thought of buying a phone without Google Services installed, fear not – three of the four devices here have exactly the same access to Google apps as Samsung, Google Pixel, Sony and any other Android offerings.

Available from, these Honor deals deliver huge value, and are perfect for those who just want to take a decent picture, browse the web, do some light gaming and – God forbid – make a phone call or send a text.

The cheapest is the Honor 8A, which sees a £30 reduction down to £99.99. Next is the 9A, which drops £20 to £109.99, but falls foul of Google's restrictions. Then there's the 20e, which drops £30 to £129.95, and finally the 9X Lite, which drops a huge £50 to just £149.95.

We'll run these down in detail below – all you need to do is take your pick.

Honor 8A:£129.99£99.99 on AmazonSave £30:

Honor 8A: £129.99 £99.99 on Amazon
Save £30: If you want a remarkably capable device that'll give you change from £100, the Honor 8A is a great choice. With 3GB of RAM, a crisp 6.1 inch display and Dolby Atmos speakers, it's the perfect daily driver for just about anyone who's looking to make their money go further.


Honor 20e: £159.99 £129.95 on Amazon
Save £30:
Up the ante by £30, and you can get yourself the Honor 20e. This is pretty much a brand new device, although thanks to its status as an 'upgrade' of the older Honor 20, it's still permitted to use Google Services. With it, you'll get an excellent 4GB of RAM, a dazzling screen and a top-notch camera.

Honor 9X Lite: £199.00£149.95 at Amazon
Save £50:

Honor 9X Lite: £199.00 £149.95 at Amazon
Save £50:
This is probably the pick of the bunch, and is more than worth the slight extra outlay. The biggest improvements are the battery and camera, and the latter sees an upgrade to 48MP, far better than the 8A's 13MP and the 20e's 24MP. £199 was cheap – but £149 is unmissable


Honor 9A: £129.99 £109.99 at Amazon
Save £20:
This one is still a great deal, but most people won't be able to justify its purchase over the above three thanks to its total lack of Google Services. Yes, it's very cheap and a powerful phone for the money, but we'd either go for absolute value with the 8A, or full power with the 9X Lite. It's a shame as the 9A is a great phone, but that's the way the cookie crumbles.

What's so good about these Honor deals?

Honor is Huawei's budget brand, and delivers a lot of the Chinese giant's tech for a substantially lower cost. Honor is now effectively what Huawei was several years ago: a relatively unheard-of brand that's selling serious tech for cheap.

Great cameras that outperform the competition are a signature of Honor, but even if they were just mediocre, a ticket price of less than £100 will definitely be more than enough sway a lot of bargain hunters.

Unfortunately, Honor is subject to the same restrictions in terms of using Google's services as Huawei is, so newer devices will not have access to the Play Store. However, some pretty much brand new devices like the 20e have managed to get around this claiming to be mid-life refreshes of a device that was released before the ban was put into place.

Either way, we can't see this happening in the future for newer devices, so right now is definitely the best time to buy a powerful Honor phone that's also able to access everything any other Android phone can.

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