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Most of us stopped surfing long enough to eat our Christmas dinner and watch the Queen's speech

Given that many technophiles have been facing the family disgust at our inability to put our phones away and spend time with them, we're delighted to prove that people are prepared to go offline on Christmas Day – at least for a while. 

According to Sky's network data, there was a significant drop in usage for a few critical hours between 1-6pm as we did things that require slightly more attention. 

That probably included eating a turkey dinner, watching the Queen's speech and unwrapping presents.

Peak time

Apparently usage on the network peaked on Christmas Eve at 9pm, while Christmas morning saw many of us catching the early sales or wishing each other festive cheer. 

After a brief pause for prandial delights, we then found our way back online, with traffic rising steadily until midnight. 

Indeed, we're reliably told that Boxing Day now represents a major day on the network, as we set up our new devices and stream the TV specials we forgot to record. 

So there you go, Christmas remains somewhat traditional. For now...