Apple's iAd closes in on Google's mobile ad sales

Apple's iAd platform will be level with Google's mobile ad sales by the end of the year, claims new report

Apple's iAd mobile advertising platform is closing in on Google's mobile ad sales, according to research firm IDC.

IDC's latest predictions show that Apple is likely to end the year head to head with Google in terms of mobile advertising sales.

Each company is predicted to own a 21 per cent share of the overall market for mobile advertising sales by the end of 2010, claims IDC.

Steve Jobs wants more

Apple CEO Steve Jobs previously claimed that Apple would own 50 per cent of the market by the end of this year.

IDC also predicts that the total mobile ad market will double by the end of this year, being worth over $500 million per year.

Apple's launch of iAd has pushed competitors Google and Microsoft to upgrade their own mobile advertising platforms this year.

IDC projects Microsoft's share of mobile ads will fall to 7 per cent from 10 per cent by the end of 2010 and that Google's will fall from 27 per cent down to 21 per cent.

Via Ars Technica