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Google Maps Street View comes to iPhone

Google Street View comes to the iPhone
Google Street View comes to the iPhone

The new iPhone 2.2 firmware has been released to the development community, and has thrown up some interesting new features.

Of most interest is the Street View function being added to the Google Maps line up, with the accelerometer being used to change the display as the user moves around.

This means iPhone owners sipping on cappuccinos in Rome, or eating a croissant in Paris, will be able to see where they want to go in real terms on their handset, thanks to the Google Street View cars that have been roaming the world, taking pictures and sometimes causing havoc.

Incorrect texting permitted

Another interesting feature is the ability to turn off auto-correct when inputting text. It appears Apple has crumbled under public pressure with this one, as although the auto-correct function is scarily accurate at times, but for those not using English all the time, the process is annoyingly slow as you have to override the function for every word.

Oh, and if you're Japanese, Apple has now decided to let you use emoji icons, which will make it more compatible with other handsets in the country. Now that's the kind of Jobs-esque thinking we're used to.

No word on when the full firmware update will be hitting your handsets, but it shouldn't be too far down the line.