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Apple takes iPhone to Thailand - China too?

Apple to bring iPhone 3G to China?
Apple to bring iPhone 3G to China?

It seems bizarre that parts of Asia have not been able to force Apple to broker a deal to bring the handset to its shores, despite the likes of China being among the biggest users even without an official carrier.

But at least the tides are beginning to change with news of True Move, the third largest mobile network in Thailand, setting a deal to bring the handset to the country.

It looks likely to be heading to Taiwanese shores in time for Christmas, although there is still no news on what price the company has agreed for the US' best selling phone.

China finally in on the act?

It looks like the Chinese wait for the iPhone 3G is going to be over soon as well, as talks with China Mobile look set to conclude in the near future.

The problem stems from China Mobile wanting to get a diluted version of the handset, with no Wi-Fi and 3G coverage (the original iPhone clearly is too old hat, despite ticking one of these boxes), and Apple saying 'no dice' (or something similar in a more professional way).

But AppleInsider has seen an advert for an "iPhone quality assurance engineer" in Beijing on the Apple careers site, though it has since been removed, presumably as it's been filled.

The AFP has said nobody has confirmed the story at either end of the deal, but it seems that all the signs are pointing to a bigger iPhone sales bonus for the Apple team soon.