iPad 5 possibly stacked up to iPad 4, shows of its slim figure

iPad 4 vs. iPad 5
Real or not, we want one!

Update: What's a next-gen iPad leak without a peak at the iPad mini 2?

Unbox Therapy was back at it with another video Sept. 4, this time showing off what it claimed is the case for the next-gen iPad mini next to the case for the iPad 5.

The striking thing here is how similar the iPad 5 is to the iPad mini 2. However, the new iPad mini 2 does feature a mirrored Apple logo versus a matted finish.

The ipad 5 and iPad mini 2 don't match up in length and width, but according to this leak the tablets' thicknesses are identical, indicating we are in for one slender full-grown iPad. Check out the full comparison below:

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If a new YouTube video is to be believed, Apple's next iPad will indeed trim down on the bezel as it borrows design cues from the iPad mini.

Unbox Therapy released a new YouTube clip this week which seemingly offers a detailed, 1080p HD-quality comparison of the current iPad 4 alongside components of the iPad 5.

The video certainly looks authentic enough, revealing an iPad mini-style redesign that ditches the sloped edges of earlier models in favor of a squarer appearance that's ever so slightly thinner.

But this presumed iPad 5 is even smaller in another way - the width is reduced from 18.5cm to 17cm, making the tablet narrow enough for an average user to wrap a single hand around the device.

Feeling salty?

Assuming the components shown in the video are indeed real, owners of the current iPad 4 may be yearning for slimmer pickings once the iPad 5 hits the street.

Narrower frame aside, the purported iPad 5 casing shows buttons on the right edge that are placed slightly higher, with volume up and down separated rather than belonging to a single piece.

There are also a new pair of speaker grilles on the bottom, again similar to the iPad mini, which implies that Apple's next tablet could finally arrive equipped with stereo speakers.

Apple appears to have pulled all of this off without reducing the size of the 9.7-inch Retina display - now all that's left is confirmation that it's the real McCoy, which could come as early as next Tuesday's media event in Cupertino.