Samsung not invited to the next-gen iPad component party?

Samsung not invited to the next-gen iPad component party?
New iPads will not have Samsung-made displays, according to reports

Apple has dumped Samsung as a display supplier for its next-generation iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 tablets, reports in Korea have claimed.

According to ETNews, Apple recently sent parts estimates requests to its various component suppliers for this year's line-up, but Samsung's display department was apparently not on the list.

Traditionally, Samsung, Sharp and LG have shared the load as display manufacturers for the iOS-running tablets, but if Monday's reports are correct, Samsung has now been cut from the team.

The report did not state whether Samsung, who's relationship with Apple can be described as 'strained' at best, has been retained as the iPad's processor manufacturer.

Samsung: 'Do we look bothered?'

Regardless of the report's credence, it doesn't seem that Samsung, currently swimming in rivers of gold Scrooge McDuck style, would be too bothered.

The ETNews article quotes Samsung's vice chairman, Oh-hyun Kwon as saying: "The orders [for components] can go up and down in the course of any business – some are sensitive about the issue, but I am not worried about it."

While this report is no more than speculation at present, the end of the Apple and Samsung business relationship has been on the cards for some time, given the animosity that exists between the rivals.

The end of the mutually beneficial relationship was foreshadowed recently by seemingly innocuous Apple TV set-top box spec bump, which was the first iOS device not to contain a Samsung chip.

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