More people are now watching iPlayer on tablets than phones

More people are now watching iPlayer on tablets than phones
Kat remains unimpressed

If the tablet's growing position as our go-to media device was ever in question, the BBC is here to quell slate-fans' fears: for the first time, it's seeing more people using tablets to watch iPlayer than smartphones.

The iPad and its ilk were responsible for making 200,000 more requests to iPlayer than their mobile counterparts, with tablet-watchers mainly opting for TV viewing rather than radio catch-up.

If you take both radio-listening and TV-watching on iPlayer into account, tablets and mobiles are even stevens at 15 per cent each.

And it's worth noting that computers are still the dominant iPlayer device of choice, accounting for 47 per cent of requests in March - but their share is dropping all the time.

Tablet tales

In total, the BBC says there were 272 million requests made on iPlayer throughout the month which is on a par with January's stats - January was a record-breaking month which was mainly attributed to all the shiny new tablets Brits got for Christmas.

The corporation reckons that there's a fairly settled male/female ratio of iPlayer users but it "remains strongly under-55". So get your gran a tablet for her birthday this year, why don't you? Let's see if we can't up the average.

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