BBC iPlayer diversifying as views from computers drop to 50%

Only half of iPlayer views are now through computers
Tablet has not been a bitter pill for the iPlayer

Only half of the BBC's iPlayer views were from a computer in November 2012, showing just how quickly video viewing on tablet and phone is growing.

The BBC's monthly report doesn't make a big deal of the landmark, but given that a year ago the amount of people using a computer to watch their favourite Auntie programmes was at 65%, it is clear that our habits are changing.

10 per cent of views are now coming from the tablet - no doubt boosted by the fact that the iPlayer now allows downloads of content to view offline on Apple devices; another 14 per cent of views are coming on phones.

Console yourself

Games consoles have stayed consistent at 5 per cent of views and Smart TV and catch-up on set-top boxes is at around 16 per cent, which is interesting given Sky offered up on-demand catch-up for the first time last month.

The mathematicians among you may be wondering what happened to the other five per cent, and, to be honest, we are no wiser than you with the mysterious 'unknown' filling out the figures.

And if you are wondering what people are watching at the moment, well, it was the Young Apprentice opener that dominated in November, with a staggering 1.168 million requests.

Patrick Goss

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