Microsoft is about to fix your Surface Pro 3's poor battery life

Surface Pro 3

Microsoft has provided an update on the major Surface Pro 3 battery flaw which has plagued some users, and the company has confirmed that a patch to cure the problem has been hammered out and should be arriving soon.

The issue pertains to the hybrid device reporting a lower battery capacity than expected, and it has hit a 'limited' number of users according to Microsoft, but is obviously very frustrating for those who are affected.

And last month, Microsoft said this wasn't a hardware problem, but one that could be cured with a software update.

Since then, the company has been working on said software fix and it's now finished – a Microsoft moderator on the forum has just posted to thank people for their patience, and said the update is now in testing.

The post noted: "We'll publish the update as soon as it has passed our quality assurance process. For now, you should not consider replacing your device as an update is pending."

Close to deployment

Hopefully that QA process won't hold the patch up for long – it's unlikely that Microsoft would have mentioned anything if the fix wasn't close to deployment, so fingers crossed that it's imminent.

And equally, fingers crossed that it actually proves to be the solution for all those Surface Pro 3 owners who have been hit by the battery blues.

At least it's good that Microsoft has said something, because there have been a few updates for the SP3 in recent weeks and folks have been speculating about whether or not these might have included the battery fix. But as we figured, it was doubtful to say the least that the compnay would have slipped this one out unannounced.

Via: Ubergizmo

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