Microsoft follows Apple's lead in producing hard-to-repair devices

Surface Pro
Open it up at your own risk

Microsoft's Surface Pro has been given the teardown treatment, and according to the screwdriver-wielders over at iFixit, it's just as hard to repair as a MacBook Pro.

The Surface Pro was awarded 1 out of 10, with 10 being the easiest to fix. Looks like Microsoft is following Apple's lead in making devices mere mortals can't repair.

Break out the hair dryer

iFixit claims the Surface Pro contains more than 90 screws, and that the battery and screen are held in place by great splodges of adhesive that feels like tar. In order to open it up in the first place, you need to warm it with a heat gun until the adhesive softens enough.

Once inside it's relatively plain sailing. iFixit notes the battery is a doozy ("the Cadillac of batteries from LG"), though even that can't keep the device going for more than five hours.

Even opening up the tablet at all will most likely see you shear through one of the four cables surrounding the screen.

Microsoft's Surface Pro went on sale this week, and promptly sold out. It will be back in stock soon in the US and Canada though, according to Microsoft. Just make sure you take it to a specialist if it needs fixing.

Via iFixit

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