Logitech sees solar as future of iPad power

Logitech sees solar as future of iPad power
New iPad: powered by sunshine, lollipops, rainbows

Despite its impressive alleged battery life, Logitech reckons we'll be relying on the sunshine to keep the new iPad going.

Chatting about its accessories line up for the new wunder-tab, Logitech's Alexis Richard, director of mobile and tablet products, told us that a lot of on-board power might no longer be enough.

"Today we're seeing more people take their tablets everywhere and use them for everything," he explained.

"As a result, people are eager for better power management and screen convergence. For instance, people are starting to demand extreme battery life in their devices and as a natural next step we'll see solar play more of a role in accessories."

Extreme battery

While Logitech already offers a solar-powered wireless keyboard that you can use with PC and Mac, but it's yet to release solar gadgets for the iPad - perhaps this is on the cards from the accessories maker.

"We're very excited about the new iPad. We definitely have our eye on the market, and we're working to provide intuitive accessories that will deliver the best and most enjoyable experience possible," added Richards. "Stay tuned for more on that from us."

And stay tuned for more on the new iPad from us: to keep you going, check out our hands on new iPad review and the handy video below:

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