Guardian Zeitgeist announced for HP TouchPad

TouchPad - soon to get a Guardian
TouchPad - soon to get a Guardian

The HP TouchPad will receive a high-profile new app, with UK media giant the Guardian revealing that it is currently working on a brand new Guardian Zeitgeist product for the tablet.

HP's latest tablet arrives with a completely new operating system, with WebOS arriving as part of the Palm purchase and bringing an alternative to iOS and Android.

You can check out our video review of the HP TouchPad right here:

Obviously a new OS needs to have a competitive application store to compete with these two behemoths and, although the early offerings have been a little underwhelming, big name involvement will be encouraging to the computer giant.

Kindle too

Subhajit Banerjee's post on Guardian Unlimited revealed the news in a post to announce the arrival of a Guardian Kindle version.

"I'm also excited to announce that we'll soon be launching a brand new product for the HP TouchPad, called Guardian Zeitgeist," wrote Banerjee. "More details about this will be released when it launches."

The app will differ from the critically acclaimed iPad Guardian app, with the Zeitgeist tag suggesting that this will build on the paper's experimental web offering at

In fact, a minor amount of investigation around Google Zeitgeist suggests that the app is being built by ThinMartian - although a blog on the developer's site has since been removed.

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