DreamWorks partners up for Shrek-loving DreamTab tablet

DreamWorks partners up for Shrek-loving DreamTab tablet
The DreamTab - winning you child's heart and mind, and your money

Animation giant Dreamworks has announced that it is teaming up with Fuhu to make a 'DreamTab' tablet built especially for its core young audience.

Film studios have already identified just how important technology is to their future success, with another animation giant, Disney, recently underlining its intent by appointing social media superstar Jack Dorsey to its board.

Dreamworks - the film studio behind Shrek and How to Train Your Dragon - has announced a partnership with Fuhu to build on the latter's success in educational slates, but adding a sheen of child-friendly animation superstars.

Fuhu has already worked on a limited edition Disney tablet, but the partnership is expected to produce a sub-$300 (about £180/AU$334) Android 4.4 tablet with a custom interface and all the parental controls you can shake a stick at - which will be making its debut at CES 2014.

Shrek-ear headphones

We're not entirely sure if the tablet comes with a special 'pester parents for more Blu-rays / digital downloads and in app currency' button, but we're cynics - so we won't rule it out.

And apparently branded hardware is also on the agenda, including headphones, cases and screen protectors that will almost certainly be cunningly shaped into DreamWorks characters.

It will, however, be really interesting to see just how much DreamWorks invests in making its core content work harder on tablets, and whether this could be a key new hardware strategy for Hollywood.

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