4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet 2 gets Canadian price

BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet 2
Is the price right for the Tablet 2?

TechRadar reported Thursday RIM's 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet 2 is coming out in Canada August 9, with a release date for the rest of the world expected soon, but what RIM reps didn't reveal was how much the device would cost.

Now we know - though in Canadian dollars.

The Tablet 2's Canadian carriers - Bell, TELUS and Rogers - released pricing data Friday.

A no-term contract with either Bell or TELUS will run $550 while Rogers has given out more nuanced price details.

With them, a no-term contract runs $550, a one-year $500, a two-year $450 and a three-year commitment $350.

Employees at these providers are reportedly under strict orders not to display or sell the device until the August 9 release date.

US and international price

RIM spokeswoman Ruth Casselman said the price for the tablet in U.S., European and other international markets will depend on the region and provider.

"Individual carrier/network operators will share this information when they're ready," she said. "We will let you know about the U.S. product timing as soon as this information is available in the coming months."

Just when those date - or dates - will be remains to be seen.

Via MobileSyrup