Sony's funny Vaio Fit now comes in an 11-inch version

Sony's funny Vaio Fit now comes in an 11-inch version
Fit but my gosh don't it just know it

We were fairly bemused by Sony's Vaio Fit range when it launched at IFA last year, and now the foldable origami-inspired tablet/laptop hybrid will be coming in a 11-inch version.

The Sony Vaio Fit 11A joins the 14- and 15-inch editions that were already announced, and the whole line-up will also be getting a juicy bit of Photoshop action, with Elements 12 coming pre-installed on each machine.

The Fit range lets you use the device as a regular laptop, a tablet or in 'viewer mode' which basically means as a tablet on a stand that's built into the bones of the device itself.


The Vaio Fit 11A comes rocking a Triluminos display and ClearAudio+ for what Sony boasts to be top notch film watching.

There's also a front-facing camera for video calling and selfies, and an 8MP Exmor rear-facing lens. The 11-inch device weighs 2.82lbs (1.2kg) which is a fair bit more than a stand-alone tablet (the iPad 2 is 1.33 pounds/601g, for example) but still not exactly back-breaking.

The tablet/laptop comes with a stylus which should go quite nicely with that Photoshop software you'll get with it too.

On the inside, we're looking at an Intel Pentium quad-core processor and SSD, although the exact specifications will vary according to how much you pay.

The Fit range will be hitting the US from January with prices starting at $579 (we're waiting on international availbility but that works out as about £352 or AU$646).

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