Packard Bell launches EasyNote TS notebook

Bang on trend, these are. According to Packard Bell.
Bang on trend, these are. According to Packard Bell.

Packard Bell has announced its latest EasyNote laptop range, the EasyNote TS.

As usual, Packard Bell is full of hyperbole surrounding its latest product launch; the social networking aggregator is still described as "the coolest application ever", while the notebooks bring "perfect enjoyment" thanks to a "painless experience with brilliant performance".

Of course they do. This so-called brilliant performance is brought to you by the 15.6-inch high def widescreen display, the second generation Intel Core processor family (i3, i5 or i7, depending on model), Nvidia GeForce GPUs and Nvidia Optimus technology for extended battery life.

OMG brilliantest notebook evar!

There's also a chicklet keyboard, multi-gesture touchpad and a number of one-click hotkeys for media control and quick access to the aforementioned coolest ever social networking application.

Fashionistas will be pleased to discover that the range has been designed to fit perfectly with the latest trends, which, a quick Google reveals, include the colour blue, animal prints, zesty shades of tangerine and cocktail wear.

We're a little concerned to note that the notebook does not come in blue, tangerine or animal print, although you can pick it up in ever-stylish Ebony black, Garnet red (that's a kind of gemstone, in case you weren't aware) or Moonstone white.

With a delicate daisy-chain pattern on the cover, it's not really one intended for the fellas.

Notebooks and fashion: not the same

Since the notebooks come with Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 pre-installed, you can always design yourself some on-trend wallpaper instead.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are the standard connectivity options and you can also make video calls using the 1.3MP webcam and built-in microphone.

The Packard Bell EasyNote TS range UK release date is March 2011 – so any day now – with UK pricing starting at around £450.

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