Top 12 laptops for less than £599

LENOVO 3000 N500

A good laptop, but lacks adequate performance and features compared to rivals

Lenovo is better known for its range of excellent ThinkPad business laptops, but it also makes a budget range for consumers and small businesses. The 3000 N500 (£400) is one such machine, and offers all the quality and usability we expect from Lenovo.

Despite its excellent build quality, the chassis falls behind many of the other machines here when it comes to style. The design is quite drab overall, compared to the stylish look of the Acer Aspire 6930G-583G, for example.

Chunky plastics mean good protection, however, and the daily commute shouldn't present any issues for the N500's durable plastics. It also remains relatively cool after prolonged periods of use.

The keyboard shares the same patented design as Lenovo's ThinkPad range. It's one of the most comfortable to use in this group test, but is bettered by the Dell.

Unlike some of Lenovo's more expensive models, there is no keyboard light, and there is also no backlighting. With lots of keys clustered in the corner of the keyboard, the layout also takes a little getting used to, particularly if you've never used a Lenovo ThinkPad before.

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