Top 12 laptops for less than £599


Powerful multimedia credentials, but lacks the quality of its rivals here

With a 17-inch screen, spacious controls and a dedicated graphics card, the MSI VR705 (£509 inc. VAT) is a multimedia centre aimed at the home user.

The 17-inch screen is this machine's best point, proving bright and sharp. The glossy coating helps to add vibrancy to colours, although it does also result in more prominent reflections.

The resolution of 1440 x 900 pixels creates plenty of space onscreen, so you'll be able to easily work with multiple windows open. Being one of the largest screens here, it's also ideal for movie playback or photo editing.

The Nvidia GeForce 8200M G graphics card offers better 3D performance than most of the laptops here, even proving powerful enough to play entry-level games. It also copes fine with demanding multimedia applications and tasks, and is more than capable for everyday use.

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