CeBIT 2007: Asus treasures revealed

The Asus XG Station is a housing for a PCI Express graphics card

Asus is announcing a lot of new kit at CeBIT 2007 , including a range of new laptops. As with several of the other big manufacturers, saw much of the hardware first hand at January's Consumer Electronics Show ( CES ).

The Taiwanese firm is clearly trying to make an impression in the home entertainment space. Its DAV Centre A33 is a PC 5.1 surround sound speaker system with 100W per channel power handling.

Asus has been working on watercooling solutions for some time and has chosen to launch the EN8800GTX AquaTank graphics card at CeBIT. This is a water-cooled Nvidia 8800GTX which, Asus says, offers a performance increase of 11 per cent.

There are some other overclocking system add-ons as well that we first saw at CES. Chief among these is the clever XG Station, which is essentially a housing for a PCI Express graphics card, enabling you to add top graphics power to a thin and light notebook.

In addition, Asus is announcing its P2-M2A690G barebone - a leather-textured chassis that supports Blu-ray, HDMI and S/PDIF out. It's certified as Windows Vista ready.

The company is also demonstrating the W5Fe Windows Vista SideShow notebook, as well as the Lamborghini VX2 and its lightweight business-orientated U1F model.

Also being unveiled are the 20-inch LS201 and 22-inch MW221U LCD monitors.


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