Microsoft tries to fix Windows 10, ends up breaking the Start menu

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Oh dear, it seems Microsoft has once again released a dodgy patch for Windows 10, with a recent fix – which was supposed to address the issue of Cortana and the search box causing spikes in CPU usage – actually causing more problems, with reports emerging that search in both the Start menu and Taskbar no longer works.

The patch, KB4515384, was released on Tuesday, September 10, and while it seems to have stopped SearchUI.exe from causing undue stress on processors, it appears that it has broken search in Windows 10 completely.

Users are reporting that trying to search for anything from the Start menu results in a blank windows appearing, rather than search results.

Still haven’t found what I’m looking for

Other users have taken to Reddit to complain that they are getting an error message that says “Your Start menu isn't working. We'll try to fix it the next time you sign in.”

Microsoft is apparently aware of the issues and is working on a fix. For the fix.

This is another case of Microsoft releasing an update that appears to cause as many problems as it solves, and there is an increasing number of Windows 10 users who are getting understandably sick of it.

Until Microsoft issues a fix, you’re going to have to either choose between Cortana and search causing spikes in your CPU usage, or applying the latest patch and losing search altogether. In our view, we’d rather sacrifice search in order to keep CPU usage down – but it’s a choice we shouldn’t have to make.

Let’s hope Microsoft releases a fix quickly – and that this patch doesn’t end up breaking something else.

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