Microsoft Edge updates will make cross-device browsing seamless

Microsoft Edge
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Since releasing Chromium-based Edge last November, Microsoft has continually updated its browser with new features and capabilities to entice users to switch.

Recently the software giant rolled out support for vertical tabs in Edge which allows power users to see all of their open tabs in a panel on the left side of their browser window. 

At the same time though, Microsoft is trying to reinvent the toolbar by making it possible for users to access their favorites, history and collections instantly while browsing the web. The company even added a Kids Mode to Edge with “kid-friendly features and safety guardrails in place”.

Now though, based on several updates to the Microsoft 365 Roadmap, it appears that Microsoft isn't done adding new features to Edge and the company's new updates will make it even easier to pick up where you left off in its browser regardless of which device you're using.

Cross-device browsing

The first new planned feature for Microsoft Edge is synced browser history support for history search and it it slated to roll out some time next month. With this feature enabled, Edge users will be able to search both their local browsing history as well as their synced browser history across all of their devices.

In another update to its Microsoft 365 Roadmap, the company revealed that it will extend autofill suggestions to include content copied from the clipboard. This means that clipboard content will be parsed when users click on a profile/address field (phone, email, zip code, city, state, etc.) and it will show as an autofill suggestion. Just like with synced browser history support, this feature is scheduled to roll out in April.

Finally, Microsoft will give users the option to synchronize their payment information across their signed in devices beginning with Microsoft Edge version 92 which will launch in July of this year.

If you haven't given Chromium-based Edge a try yet, Microsoft has given you plenty of reasons to test out its new browser with even more set to release later this year.

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