PDFs are finally set to be less annoying on Microsoft Edge

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Editing and reading PDF files may finally be less painful thanks to a new update for Microsoft Edge.

The browser has announced a new feature that will allow users to pick off from where they left off with a PDF file, whether that's reading, editing or collaborating.

The new continuity feature means that you'll be able to quit a PDF file or browser tab completely, but when re-visiting the file, Edge will take you right back to where you were - with no fiddly endless scrolling required.

PDF life-saver

The new feature, simply entitled "PDF documents" is set to roll out to select Edge Canary and Edge Dev Windows users shortly, with users able to toggle it through the site permissions menu in Microsoft Edge Settings now.

It could prove a lifesaver for collaborative workers juggling multiple devices or projects, or for students researching essays or dissertations - as well as those of us who accidentally close the exact tab we need.

Elsewhere, Microsoft has also confirmed another new PDF feature coming soon in Edge.

Starting in Microsoft Edge version 95 from October 2021, the company says that "the PDF viewing and markup experience will be improved" with the addition of freeform highlighters

The company says this feature will allow users to highlight sections on PDFs they may not have access to comment on, as well as scanned documents.

Microsoft Edge is also set to trial a new one-click "save as PDF" feature in its Context Menu, allowing faster and hopefully more accurate PDF saving with just one action.

And the browsers is also looking to make editing PDFs eaiser with another new feature that will allow you to add text to the document without using a third-party application. 

If you want to make edits to the existing text in a document then you'll still need to download an application like Adobe Acrobat Reader. But for online forms or questionnaires, the Add Text feature will allow you to fill in the required blanks and submit the document entirely within your browsers. 

Unsurprisingly named "Add Text", this feature is anticipated to begin rolling out with Edge 94.

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