Metro Exodus appears on Microsoft Store, is no longer an Epic exclusive

Metro Exodus
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Metro Exodus won’t be an Epic Games Store exclusive for much longer, as the game has appeared on the Microsoft Store. Although you can’t buy it yet, the title is marked with a release date of June 9.

Metro Exodus has been out for almost four months now, with Epic grabbing the exclusive rights to sell the title for the PC (although some folks did pre-order it on Steam before that exclusivity deal was signed).

Interestingly, as the more observant may have twigged, the availability of Metro Exodus on Windows 10’s store on June 9 coincides with Microsoft’s E3 press conference, so we could expect some manner of announcement then.

Xbox Game Pass?

Indeed, it seems a fair bet that we may hear more on Microsoft’s big Xbox Game Pass subscription service for PC gamers, and given that Metro Exodus publisher Deep Silver has been named as a partner in that particular scheme, it’s not a huge leap to put two and two together here.

Of course, we can’t take anything as a foregone conclusion, and there’s always the possibility someone has made a slipup at Microsoft and listed the game on its store by mistake.

It has been previously hinted that Metro Exodus will return to Steam – and other stores – on February 15, 2020, a year after the title became available on the Epic Games Store.

Assuming this goes ahead as it seemingly will, at least folks will have another outlet where they can purchase Metro Exodus rather than the Epic Games Store – even if the Microsoft Store isn’t quite the same as having it on Steam. That said, potentially, the really big news could be that it ties in with the Xbox Game Pass service…

Another point worth bearing in mind is that Epic might have persuaded a fair few folks to stump up for Metro Exodus when at the start of its big Mega Sale (which is still ongoing), the firm reduced the game to almost half-price.

Via PC Gamer

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