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MediaTek MT6752 vs. Snapdragon 615: Which is better?

The Snapdragon 615, as you might know, is Qualcomm's attempt at winning over emerging markets with a fairly low priced, high performance chipset. It has an octa-core CPU with 64-bit cores, so not only it is expected to perform well, but also has a spec sheet that looks good. On the other hand, the MediaTek MT6752 is MediaTek's second 64-bit SoC, following the MT6732, has started to find its way into budding 'flagships'.

We're living in a time when if not anything else, there's plenty of choice when you're smartphone shopping. MediaTek and Qualcomm happen to be two of the biggest players in the mobile SoC space, and have been vying to win market share in markets worldwide.

Which one should you rather opt for? There are plenty phones equipped with either chipset, and we pitted the 'mid-range flagship' aka the Xiaomi Mi 4 against the svelte Gionee Elife S7 for this test. We ran three of the most popular benchmarking apps on Google Play -- AnTuTu, Quadrant Standard and Geekbench 3.

Which one do you think won the race to the top? Take a guess before reading further. (hint: it was fairly neck and neck in the beginning, but choosing a winner isn't very hard.)   

As soon as the AnTuTu app was fired, the Mi 4 recognized it as a benchmarking tool and put up a prompt to set the phone in 'performance' mode (which I did). Despite that, it turns out, the MT6752 has the better of the Snapdragon 615 chip. And the difference isn't small, it is pretty significant.   

 Quadrant Standard

This one's where the Snapdragon 615 rules the roost. The 64-bit Snapdragon chip destroyed the MT6752 with more than 1.5x times the score of the latter, which is pretty impressive. What you should be worried about is if this would last in the long run -- the Snapdragon 615 has a bad habit of heating up too soon.

This brings us to the last test -- Geekbench 3 benchmark. Yet again, the MediaTek MT6752 proved that the Taiwanese chipset fabricator had indeed put some work into the chipset. The MT6752 comfortably beat the Snapdragon 615 in both single-core and multi-core tests, which is impressive.


It doesn't take an analyst to tell that the MediaTek MT6752 blows the Snapdragon 615 out of the water in two of the three benchmarks tests that we performed. MediaTek doesn't really enjoy a lot of popularity, especially for OEMs using the company's chipsets not complying with GPL policies. However, the MT6752 has proved that a good mobile SoC can come out of nowhere. Here's hoping that the competition stays healthy!