Oscar Isaac is playing Moon Knight, Marvel finally confirms

Moon Knight
(Image credit: Marvel)

After months of reports leading back to late 2020, Marvel Studios has finally confirmed that Oscar Isaac will play Moon Knight in its upcoming Disney Plus show of the same name. 

The series, which was compared to Indiana Jones by Marvel's Kevin Feige who explained the show will be heavy on Egyptian iconography, is expected to feature Ethan Hawke as its villain – Isaac and Hawke were spotted together ahead of filming in April.

Moon Knight – known as Marc Spector in the comics – deals with dissociative identity disorder. His different personalities will manifest as various characters within the show. Hence, Marvel Studios has announced the project with the statement "We are Moon Knight". Check out the reveal below:

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The series will be directed by Mohamed Diab. Moon Knight has no release date yet, but we expect to see it next year at some point.

Analysis: A big get for Marvel

Marvel's TV shows have certainly been distinguished by how they've pulled big screen stars onto the small screen – but even compared to the casts of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and WandaVision, Oscar Isaac feels like a huge get. 

Best known for the Star Wars movies, but phenomenal in the likes of Inside Llewyn Davis, Ex Machina and A Most Violent Year, he's a proper A-lister who'll later be seen in 2021's Dune. As we know, Marvel plans to plug its TV show characters back into the movies – so whatever happens in this show, Isaac is part of the MCU now, and is likely to show up somewhere else down the line. 

Either way, given that Moon Knight's source material is some of the most complex and ambitious of Marvel's comics, it should make for a unique superhero series.

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