Marvel confirms MCU Fantastic Four movie from Spider-Man director

Fantastic Four movie
(Image credit: Marvel Studios/screenshot)

Marvel's Kevin Feige has confirmed that a Fantastic Four movie is in the works, unveiling an official logo for the superhero team's latest cinematic outing. It'll be directed by no less than Jon Watts, the director behind all of the Spider-Man movies starring Tom Holland. 

Nothing more is known about the film at this time, but it'll be the fourth time Marvel's first family has come to the big screen. The characters have a notoriously inconsistent track record – the latest effort, 2015's Fantastic Four directed by Josh Trank, was plagued by reshoots and is one of the worst modern superhero movies.

Marvel confirmed the news with a short logo teaser, which you can watch below. 

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In better hands

The reason why a new Fantastic Four movie is exciting news is pretty obvious – in Marvel Studios' hands, the hope is that Kevin Feige and company will have a better run at Mr Fantastic, Sue Storm, Ben Grimm and the Human Torch than Fox did. 

This just leaves the X-Men as the last big superhero series on the table to be tackled by Marvel – but with plenty of projects on the go, we'd expect to see the mutants enter the MCU at a later date.

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