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MacBook Air and Pro 13 South Africa: Prices, availability

Apple MacBook Pro 13 M1
(Image credit: Apple)
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The Apple MacBook Air and Pro 13 are landmark laptops for the company as they are the first to move away from the Intel chips to Apple's own M1 chipset. 

Apple claims this chip is a significant improvement over their previous models and will deliver better power and performance. 

South African prices and availability have been released by the iStore and as expected, these new models don't come cheap. But then again, Apple has and always will be an investment. 

MacBook Air 

The new 130-inch MacBook Air offers better graphics as a result of the new chip and is completely silent as it has no built-in fan. 

Appel claims it has up to 18 hours of video playback on a single charge, which is an incredibly impressive battery power. 

MacBook Pro

The MacBook Pro only comes in 13-inch but offers more power than previous generations. 

It has an integrated 8-core GPU and promises 20 hours of video playback. 

Price and Availability 

iStore has already opened pre-orders (opens in new tab) for the two laptops, although no date for shipping has been given. 

Prices for the MacBook air start at R19,000 for the 256GB and extend until R24,999 for the 512GB. 

The MacBook Pro will set you back R25,999 for the 256GB and R29,999 for the 512GB.

Leila Stein
Leila Stein

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