Linksys Velop Dual-Band router brings wallet-friendly Wi-Fi mesh networking to the UK

Linksys Velop Dual-Band

Linksys has added to its Velop range of Wi-Fi mesh networking products with a new dual-band offering for the UK.

The new Velop Dual-Band is pitched at the entry-level, with a more wallet-friendly price tag than the Velop Tri-Band units, with the cost starting at £89.99 (for a pack of one).

You can mix and match the tri-band and dual-band units as you wish – they are fully compatible with each other – and the Velop Dual-Band model offers all the software features found in its sibling (including parental controls and Alexa compatibility).

The main difference with the dual-band model is that it’s a bit more compact than the tri-band devices, being approximately two-inches shorter. This makes them a bit easier to stash neatly about your house.

And obviously the other difference is that it operates over two bands rather than three, as the name suggests – with this product, you get dual-band 2x2 802.11ac Wi-Fi over 2.4GHz and 5GHz.

Seamless solution

The system works like any other mesh networking product, meaning you have multiple units placed strategically about your home, with one effectively replacing your router, and the others acting as Wi-Fi extenders to tackle wireless dead-spots in a totally seamless manner.

A dedicated app for your iOS or Android smartphone helps you swiftly set up the system, and manage the various features from then on. Everything is designed with ease-of-use in mind.

Linksys also announced that next month, it’s going to start selling an official Velop Wall Mount to allow the units to be mounted high up, and out of the way.

The Velop Dual-Band mesh Wi-Fi system will be on sale at major UK retailers come the end of the month. As mentioned, a pack of one will cost £89.99, with a two-pack costing £149.99, and a trio of devices setting you back £199.99. (Compare that to a three-pack of Google WiFi, which costs £329).

You also get an impressive three-year warranty with the product, and as an introductory offer for UK punters, Linksys will give you a free Wall Mount for every unit you purchase before June 30.

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