LG rollable TV, the Signature OLED TV R is now available in the UAE

LG Rollable OLED
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A rollable OLED TV may be a hard thing to wrap your head around. At one time, seeing a TV appear out of thin air would’ve been something straight out of a magic act. But LG’s new rollable TV, the Signature Series OLED TV R isn’t magic – it’s engineering and display technology risen to the nth degree. 

After showcasing it at CES, the LG Signature OLED TV R is finally headed to the UAE through don't expect to pick one up at a store. Priced at AED 329,999, the TV is custom built for each order and roughly takes 8-10 weeks to arrive after you've paid in full.

It only comes in one size which is a 65-inch screen size that can unfurl itself when you’re ready to watch a TV show or movie, and then roll itself back into its housing when you’re done. 

In addition to the Full View and Zero View modes (LG’s name for when the TV is fully unfurled and fully stored modes, respectively) there’s also a Line View mode that allows for just a portion of the screen to be unveiled.

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According to LG, the Line View mode is for features such as Clock mode to check the time and weather, Frame mode that displays family photos shared from a smartphone and Mood mode as well as displaying other features like music information and home dashboard.

The TV is stored in a fairly neat looking cabinet that’s about the size of a long entertainment center. The center is open along the bottom, allowing for storage, and the middle is a 4.2 forward firing Dolby Atmos system. (Without upward firing speakers this will be another faux-Atmos soundbar like last year’s W8 and 2017’s W7 OLED, but that’s to be expected.)

Inside the cabinet, the R-Series OLED will be powered by LG’s second generation Alpha A9 intelligent processor and, according to LG, uses LG’s deep learning AI for a four-step noise-reduction process. These technologies will pair with OLED's natural ability to produce deeper, darker black levels and better contrast.

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