LG G6 could have a very shiny new design

The weird painted metal finish of the LG G5 wasn’t exactly a hit, so it’s no surprise to hear that LG is changing the design for the LG G6, although it’s not clear exactly what the new phone will be made of.

Journalist David Ruddock tweeted that, according to his sources, it will have an “all-glass design language similar to Samsung”, although Samsung actually still uses a metal frame on its flagships. But Ruddock followed this up with a correction, stating that rather than an all-glass body, the LG G6 has “a highly reflective metallic material on the rear”.

So it sounds like the G6 could be made of metal then, but with a glass-like finish. That, however, is at odds with an earlier rumor, which claimed the G6 would have a tempered glass back.

Conflicting claims

And this isn’t the only claim that doesn’t line up with what we’ve heard before, as Ruddock also says the battery won’t be removable, while an earlier rumor suggested it would be.

Finally, he adds that the LG G6 will have a 3.5mm headphone port, which isn’t surprising, but is worth noting now that Apple, Motorola, and possibly Samsung are moving away from them.

The end result of these new leaks is that, if anything, we now have less idea of what to expect from the LG G6 than we did previously. Still, with the phone likely not out until April 2017 we’ve got a while to work what’s true and what’s not.

James Rogerson

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