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Lego Friends deals bring lots of expensive Lego sets down to much cheaper prices

Lego Friends deals
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Thanks to the plentiful Prime Day deals we're seeing, lots of Lego sets have seen some big price cuts, including in the Lego Friends range which has some top deals.

Lego Friends have a slightly different target audience to some of the other Lego sets, so you're probably looking at this deal page for gifts for someone. Whether you've got a lot to spend or a little, there are some deals here for you.

While we're not seeing as many Lego Friends deals as we did over Black Friday, the savings are actually better, with around 40% off for some kits. So if you see a set below that you want to buy, waiting for Black Friday later in the year might not be worth it.

(Not in the UK? Scroll down for deals in your region).

Today's best Lego Friends deals on Prime Day

Lego Friends Jungle Rescue: at Amazon | £74.99 £44.99
You can pick up this Jungle Rescue kit at a new low price thanks to a £30 discount. The kit comes with three friends, several animals and a treehouse for them to all relax in.
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Lego Friends Heartlake City Shopping Mall: at Amazon | £89.99 £55.99
This set has six different friends, and comes with loads of different stores, slides, you name it. We've not seen the set come this low in price, making it one of many kits the Prime Day deals have made really affordable.
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Lego Friends Heartlake City Vet Clinic: at Amazon | £34.99 £23.99
If you want a gift-sized set from the Amazon Prime Day sales, this is a good choice, with £11 off the asking price of the kit, bringing it to its lowest-ever price. It comes with three friends and loads of animals - it wouldn't be a good vet clinic without those.
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Lego Friends Heartlake City Organic Cafe: at Amazon | £24.99 £17.99
This is another gift-priced Lego Friends set that, as you can expect from reading the earlier deals, is at a new low price. With three friends and loads of cafe gear, it's a good way of teaching someone about ethical eating.
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Lego Friends kits are a lot like other Lego sets, except that the characters (the titular Friends) are larger than typical Minfigures making these great sets for younger audiences to play with.

Each kit includes different Friends characters to collect and offers different locations and scenarios for the characters to interact with. If you're looking to buy multiple sets with these deals you could make your own town or city.

There are four sets on offer here, but there are loads more to buy in total. Obviously, you don't need all of them - but if the deals here don't take your fancy then look out for Black Friday. Even if we don't see larger discounts, there may be a bigger variety of Friends sets that get a discount.

More Lego Friends deals

No matter where you live, you'll find all the lowest prices for the Lego Friends kits from around the web right here, with offers available in your region. 

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