Leaked Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 case images show off its updated design

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 closed shut
The cover display on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 (Image credit: Future)

We've seen quite a flurry of leaks around the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 in recent weeks, and that's continued with some new images of a transparent case for the foldable phone, which show off the design tweaks that we're expecting for the foldable.

These images come from well-known tipster @UniverseIce (via SamMobile), and give us a good look at the cut out for the cover screen. As previously predicted, it's going to be larger this time around, and appears to be in a folder-like shape.

We can also see the cut outs for two cameras on the rear of the phone, and an LED flash. Meanwhile, the configuration of the case also indicates a USB-C charging port and a fingerprint sensor mounted in the power key at the side.

Cases and colors

Another picture from the same source shows off the clear case from a different angle, and we also have images of what look like silicone cases for the Galaxy Z Flip 5 in a variety of colors – including white, yellow, blue, green, and gray.

Taken all together, these leaked shots show off the flat edges and the improved hinge on the upcoming flip phone. The design isn't going to change radically from the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4, apart from that much larger cover display.

The details we can infer from these case pictures match up pretty well with what we've heard and seen so far about this phone. According to the latest rumors, both this handset and the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 are going to launch at the end of July.

Analysis: a more useful Flip

Having a larger cover screen on the outside of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 has to be good news whichever way you look at it. As per previous rumors, the additional screen real estate will be used for a series of widgets developed by Samsung.

You may well be able to see weather information, upcoming calendar appointments, and battery levels for connected devices on the cover screen, for example. The screen will be interactive too of course, so you'll be able to swipe through various screens and bring up information (from incoming notifications, perhaps).

The cover screen on the Galaxy Z Flip 4 was useful too, for quick at-a-glance information, but there's only so much you can do with a titchy display – apparently this screen is going to increase in size from 1.9 inches to 3.4 inches, with a resolution increase from 260 x 512 pixels to 720 x 748 pixels as well.

In fact, if Samsung really makes a lot of this new and improved cover display, the Galaxy Z Flip 5 might end up stealing most of the limelight away from the Galaxy Z Fold 5 – but we're looking forward to seeing both of them unveiled in a couple of months.

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