Latest Windows 10 leak makes it look like Microsoft is finally getting it right

Windows 10
(Image credit: Microsoft)

We keep getting glimpses of what the future might look like for Windows 10, and how the overall interface is set to change substantially down the line, with the latest sneak peek showing how more rounded corners could be introduced – and more besides.

Specifically, the Settings panel would seem to be set to benefit from a touch of UI renovation, with rounded corners on the window itself, and also on the ‘Check for updates’ button in the screenshot you can see below (of the Windows update section).

Windows 10 UI mock-up

(Image credit: Microsoft / Windows Latest)

As Windows Latest reports, the interface changes are highlighted in screenshots which are mock-ups posted by Microsoft in the Tips app for Windows 10, and going by the build version (19542.1001) they’re not recent (from a few weeks back, or maybe even months). However, they’ve only just been spotted by a Windows Latest reader.

Aside from the rounded corners, the other notable elements here include the Settings app having a nifty new icon top-left, and the use of more color (with the ‘Check for updates’ button being blue instead of plain gray). Other grabs show the same increased use of rounded corners and splashes of color.

The fresh appearance is a more modern look, although remember that just because mock-up screenshots are floating around, that doesn’t necessarily mean Microsoft will go this way. Experimental changes can always be discarded or altered, of course – but that said, the revamp looks like a good move.

Sun Valley

We know that some major changes are in the pipeline, as we mentioned at the outset, with nothing less than a complete revamp for the UI, codenamed ‘Sun Valley’. That project aims to bring a more modern look to Windows 10, so the interface tweaks shown here make sense in that context, and it’s scheduled to arrive in the 21H2 feature update for Windows 10 (so roughly in a year).

Some enterprising soul has even made a concept video of what ‘Sun Valley’ might turn out like, based on the UI changes Microsoft has indicated it’s planning, and that’s certainly worth a watch.

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