Larry Ellison wants to build “an internet of clouds”

Oracle Cloud World
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The future of the cloud computing market is set to get more closer and interconnected, resulting in a multi-cloud approach that is more beneficial for businesses everywhere, the founder of Oracle has claimed.

Speaking at Oracle Cloud World 2022 in a keynote focusing on "next-generation cloud technology", Larry Ellison outlined his vision of the cloud market to come, calling for an end to “walled gardens” to provide businesses with more freedom to choose and experience.

“There should be an internet of clouds,” he said, “the clouds should be interconnected, and you should be able to mix and match between multiple clouds...the garden walls come tumbling down.”

Internet of Clouds

Ellison noted how many companies and service providers currently have to deploy new infrastructure services on multiple clouds. However, he believes a better idea is connecting all the main cloud services to provide customers with choices  - creating this "internet of clouds" - or multi-cloud. 

Oracle working with Microsoft helped kick this off, Ellison noted, helping remove data ingress and egress feeds to help improve adoption, he notes, meaning that not only is accessing your data fast, and free - but also much simpler.

The company has announced that its Oracle MySQL HeatWave database tools is now available for Microsoft Azure, once again looking to offer its users the options they require to get the most out of their data.

“The idea, again, is providing customers with choices,” Ellison concluded. “That is the key thing (and) I believe that eventually all clouds will be interconnected, and the customers will have the choice.”

Mike Moore
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