Surprise! Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer at E3 2017 gives us two minutes of gameplay


Like Disney music to our epic Mickey ears, a new Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer was shown at tonight's Kingdom Hearts Orchestra World Tour in Los Angeles.

The two-minute E3 2017 trailer, now on YouTube, features gameplay starring a Keyblade-wielding Sora as well as Donald and Goofy.

The trio of characters are battling the Heartless on Mount Olympus, and we of course see villains Hades, Maleficent and Pete up to no good.

While the Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer dialogue voices are in Japanese, the video above is the version with English subtitles.

Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer analysis

The Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer looks pretty fantastic for a couple of reasons – the game has been more than five years in the making having debuted at E3 2013.

It's also the first Kingdom Hearts video game that sues the Unreal Engine 4 and is built from the ground up for PS4 and Xbox One. The graphics really show it.

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Remember when Pete used to be just a jerk neighbor to Goofy? What happened?

The action RPG gameplay looks frantic as ever, and the animations appear to keep up with the fluid movement.

Everything seems to have a bright, paintbrush-like Disney art quality to it, even the darker, more moody scenes in the E3 gameplay trailer.

Kingdom Hearts 3 release date to come

Not a second of today's two-minute trailer shows the Kingdom Hearts 3 release date like we had hoped. It's a no-show at E3 2017 at least.

Look for a Kingdom Hearts release date in this spot very soon

But the video does tease another trailer at next month's D23 expo. There's a chance the launch date will be announced at this big Disney convention.

Square-Enix did break it to us that the Kingdom Hearts 3 release date won't be before its fiscal year 2018, meaning we could see the game next year.