iPhone X trick gives everyone Superman's X-ray vision*

Apple's customary "just one more thing" hasn't yet extended to the 'invention' of X-ray vision. 

But if you're looking to ape Superman's most useful* super power, the iPhone X's lush screen can do a pretty good job of tricking your eyes into thinking it's possible. 

The team at iFixit, best known for its gadget teardowns, has put the exposed innards of the iPhone X to a good use beyond assessing its repairability factor. It's taken a high-resolution, ratio-perfect shot of the phone as if its screen were made invisible, letting you get a good look at the guts of Apple's latest and greatest.

It's a clever use of the bezel-less display. The edge-to-edge OLED's 1125x2436 resolution is sharp and rich enough to, at a quick glance, make it genuinely seem like you're looking right into the internal workings of the smartphone.

Peek inside

But, by virtue of some irremovable iOS lockscreen elements, it's not quite perfect – you'll still see the clock, battery and connectivity icons, as well as the quick launch app options.

Want to give it a spin? Simply head over to the iFixit website, where you can save the image to apply as a wallpaper. You'll find the option in your Settings menu, under Wallpapers, where recently-saved images are provided as an option. 

Alternatively, open the image in your Photos app and under the 'sharing' icon is the option to set as a wallpaper. We recommend using it as the lock screen, as the icons on top don't look as good.

It's perfect prank material too – should a trusting friend hand over their iPhone X for a few minutes, that'll give you plenty of time to make them think you've deconstructed their more-money-than-sense plaything.

Gerald Lynch

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