iPhone 8 might be available for pre-order from September 15 and hit stores soon after

We already know that Apple will announce the iPhone 8 – or the iPhone X or iPhone Edition as it might be called – on September 12, and it seems like you might not have to wait long after that to put your order in for one, or even to have it in your possession.

According to German site Macerkopf, Apple will open iPhone 8 pre-orders on September 15, just three days after the phone is announced.

The site came to that conclusion based on information provided by sources at two German phone networks, and it’s a date that makes sense, since that’s a Friday and Apple tends to sell new products on a Friday.

Another Friday

Of course, that’s only when you’ll be able to pre-order the iPhone 8, not when you’ll actually have it in your hands, but the site adds that the phone will likely arrive in stores one week later, on Friday September 22.

While we’d take these dates with a pinch of salt for now, they certainly line up with the sort of time frame we’d expect from Apple. Though rumors of production delays could mean the iPhone 8 will initially be in short supply.

Still, if you don’t manage to nab one of the initial handsets that will just give you more time to save the approximately $1,100 (around £845/AU$1,380) it’s rumored to cost.

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