iPhone 13 could finally see a feature Android owners have had for years

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Apple enthusiasts might have another reason to be excited for the iPhone 13, as a recent rumor has sparked the possibility of the upcoming device finally adding an always-on screen to its feature set.

Leaks from tipster Max Weinbach were featured in this new video from EverythingApplePro, a prominent Apple news and rumors YouTube channel. Chief among these leaks were that the iPhone 13 could finally boast an always-on screen functionality.

The video also suggests that the screen will feature a 120Hz LTPO display (low-temperature polycrystalline oxide). This is the same display type featured on Apple Watch products, used primarily for reduced battery usage. 

What's the deal with always-on?

Always-on displays have been featured on various Android smartphones for a while now, and it’s taken Apple some time to catch up. This display feature can keep your screen on in a low power state, and show information such as time, date, remaining battery life and notifications.

If you’re unaware, always-on displays function by only lighting a limited amount of pixels on a phone’s screen, allowing the device to remain on with as low battery usage as is possible. This is useful for, say, if you need to know the time without having to unlock your phone.

It might not sound all that impressive to the casual observer, but being able to glance at your phone screen for various updates is a huge convenience, especially for Android users who have enjoyed always-on displays for some time.

Apple has used always-on displays before, the Apple Watch being the primary example here, but it’s never gotten around to implementing the tech in its phones. In an era where many of us find out what time it is from our phone screens, an always-on display should be a no-brainer for the iPhone 13.

As is always the case with rumors like this, it’s best to take it with a pinch of salt. However, we definitely think it’s about time Apple’s flagship product featured a convenient always-on screen. The 120Hz display would be a nice bonus, too.

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