iPhone 12 reveal date looks set for mid-October, but it may be even sooner

iPhone 11
The iPhone 11 (Image credit: TechRadar)

If this were a normal year the iPhone 12 would have launched already, but following Apple’s confirmation that the iPhone 12 range would be delayed we’ve been left slightly unsure of when the phones would actually be unveiled. Now though, October 13 stands out as very likely.

There are a few reasons for that, but the latest evidence pointing in that direction is a claim from a tipster contacting AppleInsider. They claim that the iPhone 12 range will be unveiled on Tuesday, October 13, and then go up for pre-order on Friday, October 16.

While the source didn’t provide any evidence of this, they did claim to work for a carrier in the Netherlands – a claim which their IP address backed up. It’s likely that at least some staff at mobile networks would have this information, so it could well be accurate.

This also isn’t the first time that date has come up. Jon Prosser (a leaker with a mixed track record) had previously said the iPhone 12 range would be announced on the week commencing October 12, which almost certainly meant October 13, since Apple tends to unveil new models on a Tuesday. A number of other leaks have also pointed broadly to October.

It could land even sooner

Having said that, there’s a chance that the iPhone 12 range could land even sooner, as MacRumors reports that Marc Allera (the CEO of EE and BT Consumer in the UK) claimed during an internal presentation that “we are just days away from Apple's next major launch, a 5G iPhone, which will be a huge boost for 5G”.

Being “days away” suggests the launch could happen in late September or early October, but given the evidence for October 13 being the date, we suspect he simply meant that the launch is soon, rather than literally just a few days away.

His claim is also more evidence – if more were needed – that the iPhone 12 range will support 5G, but there’s been little doubt about that for a long time now.

Assuming October 13 is the big day, it’s likely to be a very big day, as it’s rumored it may be Amazon Prime Day. Then, on October 14 the OnePlus 8T is being unveiled, so there’s a lot to look forward to. TechRadar will be covering all of these events in full, so check back then for all the action.

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