iPhone 11R leaked benchmark shows scores that are a mixed bag

iPhone XR
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We’re now very close to the September 10 announcement of the new iPhone range, which is likely to include, as well as the base iPhone 11, the iPhone 11R (or whatever Apple calls its successor to the iPhone XR). So we’d expect to start seeing the latter in benchmarks, and exactly that seems to have happened.

A Geekbench 4 listing for a phone called the ‘iPhone12,1’ has appeared, with specs including iOS 13, 4GB of RAM and a 2.66GHz hexa-core chipset. That’s 1GB more RAM than the iPhone XR had and a slightly higher clock speed on the chipset.

Geekbench is a software that measures the processing power of phones and tablets. TechRadar uses it as part of its testing process when we're reviewing devices, although it's only one of many ways we examine the phones.

As for scores, this phone achieved a single-core result of 5,415 and a multi-core one of 11,294. For comparison, the most recent iPhone XR result at the time of writing shows a single-core score of 4,831 and a multi-core result of 11,394.

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So the multi-core score is actually higher on that iPhone XR result, but some other listings show it in the high 10,000’s and its single-core results never seem to reach 5,000.

Overall then if this benchmark is accurate then you can likely expect a modest performance boost from the iPhone 11R. That said, an individual benchmark isn't necessarily going to be accurate even it it is genuine, as scores can vary from one test to another, so the actual performance may be better.

And that assumes that the iPhone 11R is actually the device we’re seeing here, but its motherboard is listed ‘N104AP’, and it was previously rumored that the iPhone 11R was codenamed ‘N104’, so that’s our best guess.

That still doesn’t mean this benchmark is accurate though, as it could easily have been faked. So we’d take them with a pinch of salt. Fortunately, we should be able to tell you first-hand how powerful the iPhone 11R is soon, at the launch event on September 10.

Via AppleInsider and MacRumors

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