YouTube Gaming brings DVR, 60fps playback to Android and expands to new countries

YouTube Gaming

YouTube Gaming, Google's Twitch-like take on live game streaming, is coming to new countries. Gamers in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland now have access to the iOS and Android app, with more regions on the way soon.

Since it launched in 2015, YouTube Gaming has introduced some unique and noteworthy features like live-streaming gameplay sessions from Android devices.

Android users also now have access to full DVR controls and they can now toggle the stream quality and tick on ultra-smooth 60fps (frames per second) video playback, too. Additionally, YouTube Gaming now supports picture-in-picture support, which grants Android smartphone owners the power to multitask while watching a stream.

Android N offers this feature natively, so it's interesting to see a Google product put it to use this early.

Android aside, Google announced even more improvements are coming to YouTube Gaming today, with a focus on making it easier to use and more fully-featured across platforms. Google also added a DVR-like function on the desktop site and iOS app that allows for users to pause and rewind streams.

On the website front, Google has rejiggered the interface by removing sidebars. It's now also easier to find live events, with the inclusion of a dedicated "Live" button, as well as the games and channels you're interested in.

Cameron Faulkner

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