Yahoo 'open to selling itself' after ousting CEO

"Yahoo 'open to selling itself' after ousting CEO
Yahoo - who will buy?

Busy day for Yahoo – not only has the company given ex-CEO Carol Bartz the old heave ho, but it may also be up for sale.

At least, that's what an insider would have us believe, having told the Wall Street Journal that 'Yahoo is open to selling itself to the right bidder'.

Rumours are now swirling about which companies may be interested in picking up the once popular search engine company.

Any old iron

Microsoft made an unsuccessful bid for Yahoo shortly before Carol Bartz was hired in 2009, so it is currently considered one of the front-runners.

AOL is also cropping up in most of the speculation; rumours that the company was interested in merging with Yahoo have surfaced before – with AOL currently in a state of flux, could Yahoo provide the anchoring it needs?

The other possibility is that the company will be broken up into pieces, with cash-rich companies picking up the juicy money-making bits and leaving the rest to decompose where it lies.

With Yahoo refusing to comment on the rumours of a sale, there's also a chance that the company will press on and seek out that innovating new CEO that will turn its fortunes around.

But at this point, we'd be less surprised by a sale.

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