Wikileaks: 8 biggest leaks in its history


5. Diplomatic crisis

Over 250,000 documents were released this week that detail what the world already new – government diplomats say one thing to the press and another when they think it is in secret.

The new documents are yet to be fully sifted but this is a monumental leak at it is the biggest ever of its kind.

The leaked information includes everything from Arab nations pleading with the US to bomb Iran, China cosying ever closer to North Korea and even stuff about Prince Andrew and Bank of England head honcho Mervin King.

6. Climate 'research'

UK climate researches were put out to dry in 2009 after amore than 1,000 emails and 2,000 documents were leaked about climate change.

The documents apparently showed that information which didn't fit with current climate change theories (that it is bad) was suppressed.

Quotes such as: "The fact is that we can't account for the lack of warming at the moment and it is a travesty that we can't" appeared in mainstream media and began tarnishing the reputation of a number of scientists.

7. Web censorship lists

Wikileaks found itself on an Australia blacklist back in May 2009, all because it released details of sites banned by various countries around the world.

While Wikileaks is no longer banned in Australia, its publishing of the Australian Communications and Media Authority's list did cause outcry Down Under.

The list was interesting because Oz's stance on banned sites was meant to be to be ones that advocated child porn and terrorism. However, Wikileaks found a number of sites banned that did not fall under these banners.

8. Revealing the Bilderberg Group

Ah, the Bilderberg Group – up there with the Stone Cutters in terms of secret organisations you can't help but be interested in.

While we are not suggesting that the biggest leaders, celebrities and people of influence in the world meeting up once in a while to exchange pleasantries is in the least bit shady, it was interesting to see the Wikileaks posting a number of meeting reports from the group.

Unfortunately, while this was a monumental leak since it was one of the first times the lid had been lifted on the Bilderbergers, the minutes weren't actually very exciting. This was because all the names had been omitted (even Steve Guttenberg's) and the Bilderberg Group decided to post the information on its own website anyway.