Yahoo Endings lays your digital life to rest after you kick the bucket

Yahoo Japan moves into digital undertaking with Endings service
Go in peace

Have you ever worried what will happen to your digital legacy after you leave this mortal coil?

If no one knows your passwords, is your data just destined to just float around in the digital netherworld like Patrick Swayze and that mean guy on the train in Ghost?

For Japanese web users fretting over what'll become of their their online footprint, Yahoo Japan has part of the answer with the bluntly named Yahoo Endings service.

With Endings, Yahoo has pledged to send farewell messages to the deceased's digital comrades while also deleting the data trail once it's confirmed the customer has passed away.

This is just a tribute

Yahoo will allow users to set up a tribute page for themselves, where friends and family can leave messages of condolence for and reminisce with photos of your best moments. That alone seems worth it.

The company will also cease any payments made through the user's Yahoo Wallet account and delete and texts stored on Yahoo Box.

"This will prevent one's important private information from remaining online after one passes," Yahoo Japan said.

The wider Endings service will also help customers create a last will and testament. Naturally, this all has to be set up before anyone actually kicks the bucket.

Via Wall Street Journal

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