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Twitter reduces email notifications with follower digest

Twitter notifications to free up inbox space
Twitter notifications to free up inbox space

Twitter is making some modifications to its notification practices, which should reduce your inbox clutter.

The new notifications compile multiple new followers into an email digest, rather than filling your inbox with individual email notifications for each new follower.

The notification digest lists your new followers along with their profile information and any users you follow who are already following them.

However, reports indicate it also loses some of the information from individual notifications, such as the user's follower, following, and total tweet numbers.

Inbox freedom for all

Twitter confirmed to TechRadar that it is in the process of bringing the new notification format to all users.

"I can confirm that this is a new follower e-mail that's currently rolling out to everyone," a representative from the Twitter communications team told TechRadar.

The representative went on to say that the notifications will be sent out daily, which seems fair for cutting down on the number of emails users receive while still providing updates in a timely manner.

Twitter has been going through quite a few changes recently, allowing verified accounts to write longer tweets and showing users trends tailored to their personal networks.